What Compendium does for Nonprofit Organizations:


The ultimate dream of any entrepreneur is to be able to combine professional experience with personal, altruistic interests. Compendium is the realization of that dream.  Every successful consultant has vertical specialties, and nonprofit organizations are a vertical segment of ours where we have particular experience. 


All of the services we provide to for-profit organizations, we provide to nonprofits, but nonprofits have unique needs and a unique language.


In the Tampa Bay Area, Compendium leadership has…

  • Extensive nonprofit board leadership experience, for established and startup organizations

  • Crowdfunding, fundraising campaign leadership success

    • For major, cross county campaigns

    • For startup funding for brand new organizations

  • Consultation success with startup nonprofit organizations 

  • We know what a nonprofit needs and are passionate about obtaining their solutions

We are triple bottom line focused, which means we focus on a balance of People + Planet + Profits. This is business being about more than making money. This is what gets us up in the morning. 


Here are just some differentiating examples of how we can make your nonprofit organization stronger...


  • Budgetary Requirements: We know how a nonprofit thinks, and most importantly, we know how nonprofit budgets work.  

    • We know balancing OPEX vs. CAPEX expenditures for technology, based on specific or general funding sources is difficult. We create for you the solutions that meet your unique funder requirements, helping you allocate and spend those dollars as required.


  • IT Knowledge: IT competencies such as networking, desktop IT support, Security, software and day to day IT operations are a foreign and distracting competency to nonprofits.

    • We have relationships with the best IT Managed Service providers locally and nationally, and we have vetted those whose solutions and pricing focus on nonprofit organizations​

    • We can provide an outsourced solution that will provide a combination of cost and solutions benefit that will provide the value you need

  • Funding Cycles and Contracts:​ We know that depending on the size of your organization, your funding cycles could make longer term contracts harder to obtain

    • We will find and help you negotiate contract terms that match your organization’s needs​​

  • Records Management and The Cloud: Changing funder and constituent/beneficiary requirements means more redundant digital record-keeping and more data storage into The Cloud​

    • We will make sure your bandwidth is available and powered to access to that data and assure your data security meets those requirements


  • Collaboration: As your organization grows your need for collaborative communications solutions increases in turn

    • ​We will provide you voice and digital communications solutions for office and mobile that allow you to communicate more efficiently, and more readily be available to team members and clients


  • Technology Funding - Nonprofits need modern approaches to raise required dollars​:

    • We will match you up with trusted local and national providers of fundraising solutions to help with technology infrastructure funding

Reach out to us.  Tell us what you need.  We will find you the right solution.